Types Of Digital Marketing Training We Offer

Need some help with Social Media?

We are offering training across a whole range of platforms. Please see below for more details.

Here are a few examples of what we can offer. All of our training sessions are bespoke to your business needs...

Social Media - The Basics

Perfect for those starting out on Social Media. This course will help you to understand best practices and what platforms you should be using.

Social Media - Intermediate

For those who have an understanding of Social Media but might require a few tips & tricks to take it to the next level.

Social Media - Advanced

This is perfect for those with a good use & understanding of Social Media but could do with a bit of reassurance on how to use it best on a daily basis. This also includes the latest updates and things to look out for.

Facebook Training

This course will cover all aspects of using facebook, from setting up your account correctly all the way to creating paid campaigns for your business.

Instagram Training

Instagram training will include aspects such as scheduling posts, the perfect photos & videos for your business, the best times to post & a whole lot more.

Twitter Training

Twitter training will involve how to interact well with other accounts, how to build your following, how to keep an eye on the latest trends, best practices & what not to do!