Why Seasonal Events Are A Powerful Marketing Tool

Easter Christmas and New year

Black Friday Sales, Christmas, and Halloween are just a few of the seasonal holidays left after another exhausting year of the world being all shaken up. It might be a bit early to talk about them with friends or family, but to make sure your marketing is tip top for these events, you need to be having these conversations now!

Seasonal events are a great opportunity to connect with your client base, build up engagement and interactions with your company, and give back to your audience. It’s a win-win situation, but understanding the idea of using these events to your advantage without it feeling like you are is the tricky part. Allow us to explain.

Reason #1 – It allows you to show the human side of your company

There aren’t many people that think of Christmas and groan in dread and disappointment. If you start building hype around Christmas with your audience, that’s going to open up a channel for potential or loyal customers to connect with you and your business.

At the end of the day, people buy from people, so making your company seem more human and less robot by being in touch with current affairs is never going to be a bad thing, so long as you don’t go too far of course. 

Reason #2 – It gives you a fantastic excuse to create an offer

Create an offer no one could refuse! You could quite literally take any occasion relevant to your business or audience, and make an offer around that. You could even get really specific, for example a racetrack anniversary, historic milestone, etc. However on a broad holiday scale like Christmas and Halloween, the effect of an offer or campaign like this will be bigger.

The idea behind this is to give. Give something nice to your audience and they’ll likely remember this gesture and you’ll create loyal customers. They might even talk about it with friends and become a channel of marketing themselves! 

Reason #3 – An opportunity to expand and network

You could also collaborate with another company that works in a similar industry to bundle together something for both of your audiences to make a mega-deal that they really can’t miss out on. 

This way, you can reach a specialised market by combining two similar audiences, give something epic to customers, and create a long-lasting professional bond that benefits both companies in the long run. Just make sure the offer is relevant for the seasonal event as well as your audience. You wouldn’t want to be offering woolly coats in summer.

Essentially, the shortened version of the benefits are:

  • Your company can gain awareness and buzz in the way you want it to
  • You can show the human side of your business
  • You gain potential loyal customers by giving back 
  • Potentially network within the industry as a trusted business 

There’s really not a reason or excuse to miss a holiday marketing campaign if you can, there’s always room to be doing a little something for every special occasion, so get planning!

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