A Successful Black Friday Weekend 2020

With the holiday season approaching, the countdown is on to start Christmas shopping and there’s no better way to kick it off with Black Friday and Cyber Monday at the end of November, often the busiest shopping weekend of the year! 

2019 saw a total of over 180 million people shopping over the four-day Black Friday weekend, which was an increase of 14% compared to 2018, meaning this is the prime time to boost your advertising to maximise your sales over the festive period.

Looking more into the trends of the past few Black Friday weekends it is evident that mobile and online is overtaking in the chosen method when shopping the best deals. Over the last few years, mobile has proven to solidify its position as the primary device choice during the festive shopping period with 56% of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in the fashion industry coming from mobile channels in 2018.

Strategies for success this Black Friday…

  1. Ensure your mobile experience is just as good if not better than your desktop experience– With the increase in mobile searches in recent years this is of course related to users change in behaviour as more people search daily on their mobiles it’s crucial to ensure your customers mobile experience is nothing but amazing to ensure success! (Rice Media, 2019)
  2. Create exciting and intriguing Pop-ups– As much as you may not like to think, not everyone who visits your website will be amazed, interested or make a purchase. Therefore the use of exciting Pop-ups during Black Friday weekend should help to guide or push people into taking action when visiting your site! An example of an ideal Pop-up strategy could be making the most of flash sales to increase engagement and generating a sense of urgency over the weekend with countdown Pop-ups to boost sales. (Disruptive Advertising, 2019)
  3. Personalisation– Welcome back and reward your past customers by creating personalised Black Friday adverts or emails that catch your audience’s attention. It’s proven that personalised advertising yields an average 20% in conversion rate! (Single Grain, 2018)
  4. Retarget– When shopping over Black Friday weekend, shoppers are sure to have short attention spans whilst flicking across websites to compare adverts. Create retargeting ads such as display and Facebook ads to ensure they are reminded of your brand and the products you have to offer!
  5. Act early– Why wait until your audiences are bombarded with marketing messages and adverts which could potentially make them lose focus on your brand? Start your messages early as a lead up to the weekend to build excitement, suspense and surprise when it comes to revealing the great deals you have available on the busiest shopping weekend of the year. (Sleek Note, 2020)

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