3 Marketing Trends To Stay On Top Of

marketing stats on laptop

It’s no secret that the online world moves fast, so when something comes around that could be of value, you need to grab a hold of it fast, otherwise you could fall far behind pretty quickly. Here’s our picks for the top 3 marketing trends that you should jump on straight away.

1. Shopping Posts

Marketing with shopping posts

Consumer behaviour has been moving more towards “on-demand” for quite a while now, and shopping posts are the perfect thing to monopolise on for this change in landscape. If you aren’t familiar with shopping posts on Facebook and Instagram, where have you been?

If you have content on a Shopify website you can even pull those products through in certain circumstances! You can create a shop on both platforms for your customers to use as opposed to going to your website.

When you think about it, it’s pretty genius. Instead of having to bring the customers to your site and spend time loading it up and checking out, you bring the shop to your customers! You can do it right on the social platform on-demand. It’s a no-brainer if your business fits this application.

2. AI Growth

AI marketing

Artificial Intelligence has started to play a huge role in marketing as it’s developed. It’s implemented from chat bots, to social media algorithms, to the way paid ads display themselves.

AI Chat bots use a set of responses depending on what people message. The chat bot reads users messages and determines what is the best response to send to them, and removes the human from the equation. If the problem can’t be solved by the “normal processes” the bot has programmed into it, then it will pass them onto a human colleague to solve the problem.

Furthermore, in social media, AI is used in algorithms on social media to analyse posts from a user’s followers and show the content to those users in the best way it sees fit. This has created a problem for users and the platforms however, as the platforms want the content flow to be natural, whilst users have figured out how to best please the algorithm to get their content on top.

If you don’t know what the algorithms are for certain platforms or even that they existed at all, we recommend doing your research and getting clued up!

3. Interactive Content

Interactive Marketing

Since Social Media and internet content has now become a given for more or less every business, and online usage has increased to a point where it’s basically mandatory, having content that stands out amongst all of that noise can be quite tricky.

However, it’s still definitely possible. People have been getting creative by making polls, quizzes, or even competitions that are all strongly branded to them with designs and colours that make them stand out. It’s not easy to do, but it’s essential for success now online. Get creative with this one, and don’t just make it bright and bold. Need help coming up with some ideas? Learn more about our creative agency services here in Hertfordshire.

Those are our picks for the top 3 things to look out for in your marketing going forwards – if any of this has you lost or worrying about getting it done, contact our experts today here for some support.