15 Amazing Facts About Google & Google Ads

Google is the undisputed ruler of search engines, that’s no secret. Looking over some of the numbers involved with Google is quite astounding, whether you’re looking at their market share, number of searches per second/day/week, or even just trying to comprehend the platform they have. So today, we’re paying homage to that by giving you some of our picks for the best facts surrounding Google and Google Ads.

The Numbers Of Google:

Google On Tablet

1. Google sees an average of 83,787 searches every second of the day (Internet Livestream, 2020)

2. Internet users conduct 3-4 Google searches every single day (Single Grain, 2019)

3. Google owns 92.96% of the search engine market, with Bing in second place with 2.34%! (Broadband Search, 2021)

4. In 2019, Google’s 4 billion users accounted for around 52% of the population (Review42, 2021)

Google’s numbers are never-ending, as they’re possibly the biggest single company on the internet. But we’re not here to just talk about Google as a whole, we’re here to focus more on Google Ads. So let’s jump into those facts and stats:

Google Ads Facts & Stats:

Google Ads Logo

5. Google offers 6 different types of ads: Text, Dynamic, Call-only, Shopping, Image and Video ads (Google, 2020)

6. 96% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising (Curvearro, 2020)

7. Two in five small-to-midsize businesses are running a PPC campaign (WebFX, 2019)

8. 76% of the search engine market and 73% of the paid search market belongs to Google

9. Paid ads have on average a 200% ROI (Tech Jury, 2020)

And possibly the most interesting part, is stats about how consumers are reacting to and interacting with Google Ads. Take the below for example:

Consumers & Google Ads:

Shopping Online With Google

10. Why do people click on paid ads? Because:

    1. They answer a question (33%) 
    2. They mention a familiar brand (26%)
    3. They’re listed before other results (20%)
    4. Or because they have a compelling title, description, or image (19%) (Clutch, 2020)


11. Internet users are 4x more likely to click a paid search ad on Google than on any other search engine

    1. Google (63%)
    2. Amazon (15%)
    3. YouTube (9%)
    4. Bing (6%) (Clutch, 2019)


12. Consumers spend 10% more if they have clicked on a search ad before purchasing (Valve+Meter, 2020)

And finally, a few mobile statistics. As we know, mobile is an ever-growing part of the online world and had become a vital part of the online experience for consumers.

Google Ads On Mobile

Google Ads On Mobile

13. When it comes to mobile conversions, more than half (64%) come from the top three results (KlientBoost, 2019)

14. Google Ads receive 95% of clicks on a mobile device (WebFX, 2019)

15. 70% of mobile searches result in a customer taking action within an hour (Main Street ROI, 2019)

These numbers just go to show that there’s no way Google is getting thrown off of its search engine throne anytime soon. It’s interesting to see some of the deeper stats around Google Ads, such as why people click on paid ads and how they affect the user journey. Hopefully, this has given you some insight and possible conversation starters to use with people in your business about the giant that is Google.

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